Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement


Why should I have a professional to replace my garbage disposal?

There’s the yuck factor -- garbage disposal hoses are full of muck and some of that muck may end up on you when you’re removing the old garbage disposal. Most importantly is that replacing a garbage disposal involves tapping into your home’s plumbing and electrical systems, and both systems need to be handled correctly to safely remove your old garbage disposal and install the new unit. Someone with a lot of experience can handle the job in 1-2 hours barring any unseen conditions. Attempting to replace a garbage disposal without any training will likely take at least double the time required for a professional to replace a garbage disposal.

What's involved in replacing a garbage disposal?

  1. Our technician will first turn off the water to your sink, then check to make sure your new garbage disposal will fit the area and sink.
  2. Removing the old disposal requires turning off the correct electrical breaker, handling whatever water and food are sitting in the pipes, and then safely dismantling the whole assemblage.
  3. If the garbage disposal should be attached to the dishwasher, our technician will prepare the garbage disposal to be connected, and then install the mounting ring and snap ring.
  4. Next, the pro will connect the electrical wires, mount the garbage disposal under the sink, attach the drain lines to the garbage disposal, and finish up the assembly.
  5. Lastly, our technician will test the unit, clean up, and dispose of the old unit (if required).

Choosing the right garbage disposal to fit your needs (and under-sink space) can be intimidating. Let the professionals at BENOIST Drains & Plumbing Inc. help you find the right garbage disposal that meets your needs and your budget!  

What's included with garbage disposal replacement?

• Removal and haul away of old disposal (if needed)

• Mounting and wiring customer-supplied garbage disposal

• Connection of drain lines and existing electrical

• Garbage disposal test and clean up

How do I get started?

•  Purchase the correct garbage disposal to fit your under-sink setup or contact our office for assistance.

•  Schedule an appointment. Our technician will contact you when he is on his way to your location with an estimated time of arrival. 

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