Toilet Installation


Why should I hire a pro to do my toilet replacement?

Some people may think that a toilet replacement is quick and easy, but there’s more to it than just undoing a few nuts and bolts. First, you need specialized tools if you want the job to be performed correctly, especially if the hardware is old and corroded. Next, you need to determine how the faucet is connected to the water supply line so that it could be shut off. Sometimes it could be shut off through a local shutoff valve, and other times, the main water supply line to the whole house will need to be shut off. Oftentimes, you will be required to remove other fixtures, such as Ptraps, garbage disposals, and pipes under the sink before you can gain access to the drain lines and fittings. Lastly, we will need to evaluate the condition of the hidden hardware and existing pipes to determine if they need to be repaired or replaced before connecting them to the new faucet in order to have a successful installation.

Choosing the right toilet:

When choosing a toilet, the first two things people base their purchase on is looks and price. But the critical first step to a successful toilet replacement is to purchase the right toilet to fit your space. The first thing you will need to know, is the measurement of your rough-in. Next, do you want an elongated bowl or a round bowl? While the elongated bowl is more comfortable for most, it may not be the right fit for a small bathroom.  Another thing to consider is style. Do you want a one piece toilet or two piece? A heated toilet seat or bidet, or just a standard seat? What about efficiency? This may be the time to switch from a gravity assist toilet that uses 1.6 gallons of water, toa pressure assist toilet that uses 1.1 gallons of water. Most toilets do not include seats, so be sure to purchase a seat

Be sure to read the reviews and product specification of the toilet you intend to purchase to be sure its compatible with your current setup. Spending a few extra dollars on a quality toilet, such as Moen or Kohler, will save you money in the future! (Click here to go to our Repairs page to see how buying a quality toilet will save you money in the future.)

What's included with toilet replacement?

• Remove old toilet and evaluate existing hardware

• Prep of soil pipe, flange, and wax ring

• Install customer-supplied toilet

• Bolt toilet to flange and install toilet seat

• Unit test and clean up

• Disposal of your old unit, if requested

• 30-day warranty on plumbing work only. Warranty does not cover defective parts of customer supplied unit.

What is not included?

Any parts needed that is not part of the standard installation, including new flange, if required. If during the evaluation of the existing hardware, the technician determines that repairs or replacements are needed to ensure a successful installation, the technician will discuss with customer before conducting any additional work.  

How do I get started?

1. Purchase the correct faucet for your current sink setup or contact our office for assistance. Please make sure that you have all the hardware that is included with your purchased unit.

2. Schedule an appointment. Our technician will contact you when he is on his way to your location with an estimated time of arrival.